Sydney Inner West Speech Pathology is a mobile practice. I provide assessment and therapy where clients feel most comfortable; in their own homes, child care and pre-school centres, schools and community access programmes.

In the first instance, I ask that families complete a case history form providing me with basic information about their concerns and their child’s development. In order to get the most out of our time during the initial appointment, it is helpful for me to receive the completed case history form beforehand.

Initial appointments usually include discussion and informal assessment through activities or play. If a standardised assessment is required (i.e. a published test which compares your child’s abilities to the abilities of other children of the same age), this may also be used during an initial appointment, or at a later date.

Once specific therapy goals have been agreed upon and therapy is underway,  families are provided with a home program consisting of recommended strategies and activity ideas.

Examples of general therapy aims identified by families include (but are not limited to):

  • Experiencing positive interactions and joining in with others.
  • Communicating choices and preferences (e.g. using spoken language, signing, pictures, symbols or technology).
  • Listening to and following spoken instructions.
  • Developing vocabulary and language concepts.
  • Developing the structure and organisation of spoken language (grammar).
  • Developing narrative and story telling skills.
  • Developing verbal reasoning and problem solving skills.
  • Developing social communication skills, e.g. eye contact and body language, turn taking and sharing, initiating and maintaining conversations, understanding inferences and non-literal language.
  • Improving speech fluency in general and specific situations.

A written Communication Profile Report may be provided upon request. This is a 2 page document outlining a client’s communication strengths, areas of need, recommendations and suggested strategies. It is an ideal information sharing resource for pre-schools, schools, community participation programs, transition to work programs, day programs, and supported accommodation settings.

Following standardised assessment, a written Comprehensive Assessment Report may also be provided upon request. This is a longer document which details assessment results and analysis, together with recommendations and suggested strategies. It may be required for school funding purposes, or by a paediatrician or GP.

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